SodaCova Group owns and manages properties in both the Heights and MGL neighborhoods of Newburgh. Below are some of our properties; before, after and during renovation. 


UPDATE: February 2017

Some updates on this property include:

  • The ARC review board voted & approved our plans
  • Our contractor & his team have finished the demo required in the interior of the structure
  • Framing has begun in the basement and ground floor
  • The commercial space that will occupy the ground floor is currently in the design phase

When we've got more pictures we'll post them here so keep any eye out!

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The two neighborhoods we have properties in  are: MGL  (Montgomery, Grand & Liberty which are streets that run north/south through the city) &  The Heights a.k.a Washington Heights. These are multi-family residences that were uninhabited before renovation and are now fully occupied.  



The property we are currently working on is a mixed use building. There will be a commercial space on the first floor with apartments above. We also hope to do a renovation of the building's facade. 



Our first gut renovation, we have already employed a local architect and general contractor to draw up plans for this project. This building will also be mixed use with a commercial space on the first floor and apartments on the second and third floor. We look forward to tackling this huge project.